Dog Show App

User Fee

What does it cost?

Since 2013 we have provided the Dog Show App FREE and OPEN to all users. During this time, we have worked on making the app useful and stable, so all of our users can benefit from using it.

The app was written and developed, and the server is hosted and paid for by ourselves. All of the show requests and new member sign-ups are done by ourselves, along with all of the show data being edited and uploaded to the app on a weekly basis. This is a LOT of work! Currently we have around 800 users from around the country.

It is now time to ask our users to pay a fee/donate towards the upkeep of this app. Our new policy began November 1, 2017 that allows only those who donate to the app to save their schedule. Everyone may still download and use the app (with their login), but your schedule will not be saved unless you are a paid user. If you have any questions, please e-mail

New users will be added at the beginning of each week. Wait until you receive the e-mail with your user name and download instructions before trying to install the app. All new users will be given 30 days to try the app for free. After 30 days, you will not be able to save your schedule until the user fee is paid.

PLEASE NOTE: Subscriptions are updated manually, it may take up to three days to update your account after payment.

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